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Radiation Oncology Technologist

Radiation Oncology Technologist


salaire Min. 24,78 $ / h
Max. 35,67 $ / h

Description and Responsibilities

Radiation oncology technologists work in 3 distinct areas:

  • diagnostic radiology
  • nuclear medicine
  • radiation oncology

They use techniques designed to produce images for diagnostic purposes such as in the case of diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine, or that are intended to treat people with cancer, such as in the case of radiation oncology.

Radiation oncology technologists work closely with a number of specialists, and most particularly with radiation oncologists and medical physicians. Their main role is to provide treatment using radiation. More specifically, radiation oncology technologists plan treatment and perform CT scans to pinpoint the tumor and normal organs surrounding it. When necessary, they produce accessories (masks and caps) to protect certain parts of the body or to maintain a stable position during treatment. They mark the treatment field on the skin and conduct tests to calculate the dose and required angle of radiation.

Radiation oncology technologists receive and prepare patients at each treatment session, in addition to informing them on the proceedings and effects of the treatment. During treatment, they are also responsible for making sure equipment function properly. They ensure that equipment is used precisely to obtain the best results.

Education and Training Requirements

Radiation oncology This link opens a new window. training programs are offered at the following institutions:

Required Interests, Skills and Personality Type

  • Must be responsible and organized
  • Must enjoy physical work and handling (medical) instruments
  • Must enjoy working in a team with colleagues and other professionals
  • Must have excellent initiative and be able to work autonomously
  • Must love contact with the public

Personality Type (RIASEC)

  • I - Prefers studying, understanding and solving problems
  • R - Prefers practical work and handling tools
  • S - Prefers to be in contact with people and to help them

Work Environment

Radiation oncology technologists work in hospital (in French only) cancer treatment centres. 

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