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salaire Min. 24,21 $ / h
Max. 32,32 $ / h

Description and Responsibilities

Dietitians specialize in different areas in order to improve food quality and people’s health. They work in one of 5 fields of activity:

  • Food services management
  • Food-processing industry
  • Customer service
  • Inspection
  • Communication

According to their mandate, dietitians coordinate food production and distribution by applying standards of hygiene and cleanliness, workplace health and safety standards and laws governing food. They participate in the control of chemical, physical, biochemical and microbiological properties of food. They make sure that recommended dietary plans are followed, as well as inform and educate people on food-related matters. Dietary technicians prepare presentations for advertising purposes and recipes, and promote certain food products.

Education and Training Requirements

Dietetic technician This link opens a new window. training programs are offered in several regions in Québec.

Required Interests, Skills and Personality Type

  • Must be a good communicator and listener
  • Must be inquisitive
  • Must be responsible and organized
  • Must enjoy physical work and handling (medical) instruments
  • Must have excellent initiative and be able to work autonomously
  • Must know how to observe and analyze situations and people
  • Must love contact with the public

Personality Type (RIASEC)

  • E - Prefers supervising, making decisions and managing, influencing and persuading others
  • R - Prefers practical work and handling tools
  • C - Prefers to work in a methodical and structured way, according to established standards

Work Environment

Dietary technicians mainly work in:

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