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salaire Min. 26,22 $ / h
Max. 43,49 $ / h

Description and Responsibilities

Kinesiologists are healthcare professionals who use movement for prevention, treatment and performance purposes. They design safe and appropriate physical activity programs in order to develop autonomous and sustainable physical activity suited to the needs of their clients. Kinesiologists promote the benefits of physical activity and healthy lifestyle to improve health.

Education and Training Requirements

Kinesiology degree programs are offered at the following universities:

Required Interests, Skills and Personality Type

  • Must be a good communicator and listener
  • Must be able to adapt to all environments and clienteles
  • Must enjoy physical work and handling (medical) instruments
  • Must know how to observe and analyze situations and people
  • Must love contact with the public

Personality Type (RIASEC)

  • I - Prefers studying, understanding and solving problems
  • S - Prefers to be in contact with people and to help them
  • R - Prefers practical work and handling tools

Work Environment

Kinesiologists work in: 

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