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salaire Min. 24,78 $ / h
Max. 35,67 $ / h

Description and Responsibilities

Cytologists study, identify and classify the cellular components of a sample in addition to evaluating its physical and chemical characteristics and establishing a cytodiagnostic following generally accepted qualitative criteria. They contribute to the prevention of disease, the improvement of therapeutic practices and research.

Education and Training Requirements

Cytologists are trained in biomedical laboratory technology This link opens a new window., to which is added a year’s training to obtain an Attestation of College studies (ACS). 

Additional training in cytotechnology is offered at Collège de Rosemont This link opens a new window.(in French only).

Required Interests, Skills and Personality Type

  • Must be responsible and organized
  • Must enjoy completing repetitive tasks according to established standards
  • Must enjoy physical work and handling (medical) instruments
  • Must have excellent initiative and be able to work autonomously
  • Must have good summarizing and analytical skills

Personality Type (RIASEC)

  • I - Prefers studying, understanding and solving problems
  • R - Prefers practical work and handling tools
  • A - Prefers completing creative tasks

Work Environment

Cytologists mainly work in hospitals (in French only).

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