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Electroencephalography Technician (EEG Technician)

Electroencephalography Technician (EEG Technician)


salaire Min. 24,21 $ / h
Max. 32,32 $ / h

Description and Responsibilities

EEG technicians operate various devices used in an electroencephalographic laboratory. They record electrical activities in the brain, skull and central nervous system of patients to assist with diagnosis, as well as monitoring and treatment of certain diseases. EEG technicians can help with teaching and clinical training and ensure the maintenance of various devices.

Source: Comité patronal de négociation du secteur de la santé et des services sociaux  (in French only)

Education and Training Requirements

EEG technicians must have a college diploma in medical electrophysiology Ce lien ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre or a certificate in electroencephalographic techniques issued by the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists Ce lien ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre.

Required Interests, Skills and Personality Type

  • Must be a good communicator and listener
  • Must be responsible and organized
  • Must enjoy physical work and handling (medical) instruments
  • Must have excellent initiative and be able to work autonomously
  • Must have good summarizing and analytical skills
  • Must love contact with the public

Personality Type (RIASEC)

  • I - Prefers studying, understanding and solving problems
  • R - Prefers practical work and handling tools
  • S - Prefers to be in contact with people and to help them

Work Environment

EEG technicians mainly work in healthcare facilities (in French only).

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